Wildwood Bounty Updates

wild bountyUpdates regarding Daphne and Arielle and Natalia’s new business: Wildwood Bounty.

Thank you to everyone who replied and liked the idea and for your suggestions. We got so many messages and replies, it felt like it was going viral. They will settle on a name today. I think the current favorites are Wildwood Bounty or Earth Offerings. They will create a separate blog, as many of you suggested: The Witch’s Cottage. Some of the first things they are going to offer are wild carrot/baby’s breath herbal oil and ostrich fern vinegar, along with birch conk tea. When the wild summer fruits and herbs appear, there will be a selection of fine jellies, too. Dried herbs will also be available as the year progresses. All products will become available at local markets and online.

Exactly what they can offer will depend on what each season provides. Everything they offer will be gathered from the forest and glades of Twa Corbies Hollow, a rare place where mountain streams flow like liquid crystal and the air is so pure Old Man’s Beard grows a foot long.

winter cottage smallIt will also depend on provincial regulations, and they are going to a meeting about that on Wednesday. The problem is that on the one hand, the province encourages creative, sustainable forestry. On the other, the provincial government is pedantic and purile, and effectively regulates cottage farm and forestry industries out of existence at their inception. For example, despite many requests, we have never offered our organic, free-range milk and cheese–even as gifts–due to the tendency of the province to treat free-range, homemade dairy like toxic waste, while allowing industrial dairy–the real toxic waste–free access to any market.

The girls are creating a website, blog and FB page today. I will post those over the next couple days as they become available.

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One thought on “Wildwood Bounty Updates

  1. Winters Child

    Sounds wonderful! Such a shame I cannot indulge in any goodies, seeing as I’m thousands of miles away in Wales, UK! However, it’s no surprise to me about the attitude toward dairy produce. The big corporations have the power to squeeze any competition out, however small. Sadly, they also ridicule such innovative and self-sufficient ways of producing food, let alone that it is healthier. There are too many vested interests riding on the profits of keeping the dairy industry going, even though so many people are opting out. The rules are not so tough here, as I know one lady who brings all her wonderful goat’s produce to the local farmers’ market and does very well out of it. She has a small-holding in the middle of nowhere, but manages to earn a reasonable income. She even won a place in a ‘Country Living’ magazine competition for local and small businesses in the food category. I know people who buy the fresh milk from her, but they order it in advance. I suppose you could use surplus milk and cheese for bartering with others? That’s very popular in the UK now, especially as everyone is struggling to survive financially.
    Our dairy industry keeps trying to get bigger which is ridiculous, seeing as so many people are either going vegan or developing allergies! I haven’t touched dairy for years and I’m fine. I ignore twerps who try to tell me I need it for the calcium! There are loads of other foods that contain calcium and are easier to digest than dairy produce.
    Good luck with everything and I hope you have better weather than we do right now!
    Very best wishes and blessings for Imbolc-just-gone,
    a witchy friend in Wales.

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