Spring Is Nigh!

A second blue and clear day, and it has warmed to 12F. It is time to re-awaken the homestead. Spring is nigh. Luthien the Cat caught a mouse and dropped it as a gift in Daphne’s sewing things, a gift she was none too pleased for. Some of the goats have kidded, and our Alpine has already birthed two fine Alpine/Saanen does who while away the days waiting for their first sight of grass. SeveralĀ other does are near to kidding for the first time so we have to keep our eyes on them–the first birthing is the one most likely to have difficulties; though usually it goes smoothly. This year, we will have more does in production than ever before, and that means wheels and wheels of fine cheeses to hang waxed in the root cellar or bare in the smokehouse, to join hams of smoking venison. The pumpkin ale is going well and nearly ready to be racked into a carboy for secondary fermentation. Muscat wine to start tomorrow, and it is time to start thinking of where to gather maple and birch sap for this spring’s syrup–a process called sugaring. After a hearty breakfast of hash browns, I need to touch up a horse’s hooves, cut down a fine dead tree of well seasoned maple that is a few hundred yards down the brook for the wood stove, and head out into the sticks to work on my little campsite/writer’s getaway. The human world can keep its trinkets, its movie stars playing pretend and its affectations of culture, power games and technology. The green world is the beginning and end of all that is needful and wanting.

The image below is of one of my favorite places, not far from the cottage: the Rusalka Falls, one shot in autumn, the next of the same place a couple weeks ago in deep winter.All rights reserved.

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