Bonny, Sunny, Bitter Winter

All rights reserved.It is a bright and sunny 1F in the Hollow this morning, and this makes for excellent brewing weather. Too cool for the pumpkin ale I started earlier in the week to roil during its primary fermentation and overflow its vat. Normally the primary fermentation takes only about 3 days, but I think I’ll leave it alone for seven because the cooler weather will at least double the fermentation time. I had hoped to start the Muscat wine today, but I only have one primary vat so that will have to wait til about Sunday, it seems.

Such lovely weather as this demands getting outdoors. Cutting some old, dead snags for firewood is on the agenda, but I want to play, too. Perhaps I will get some gear together and meander to the Old Wood where I have a campsite picked out and work on a lean-to. Perhaps I’ll spend the night; what’s subzero weather to an Alaskan? Ultimately, I want to build a little one room cabin in that hidden place from local stone and logs–a place to escape when I am working on writing, or just to listen to the wind and brooks and wildlife.

I love sunny mornings. They are full of so much promise. In my life, I’ve traveled many places where few humans venture and seen many things, some wonderful, some terrible. One thing I’ve learned: never waste a day!

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