The Real Paleo Diet

choke cherries 2So often over the years people have warned me away from foraging wild foods. “Don’t you know those chokecherries are poisonous?” “How do you know that mushroom won’t kill you?” “Ew, you realize you’re eating a weed, right?” “Oh gross, you eat deer! That’s a wild animal, you know. It must be filthy!”

To those nay-sayers I want to note that I am as active as I was as a teenager, sickness free, have never gotten food poisoning or heartburn or ever even had a headache, and my blood is virtually free of cholesterol and imbalances, and I almost never get sick.

Think about it next time you chow down on a BigMac. Nature’s seasonal bounty is the real paleo diet.

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One thought on “The Real Paleo Diet

  1. David

    I can see you are going to cause a break in the modern natural chain of human life, the nursing home. You bear watching, sir, trying to upset the BigPetro/Big Pharma/BigMonsanto/BigDupont/BigRockerfeller apple cart by maintaining a healthy body and a healthy mind.

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