A Good Winter Day’s Work

firewoodI have spent the better part of the day cutting and hauling firewood from blown-over trees out in the Highland Meadow.  It may be a tediout process, but it is sustainable forestry and clearing the debris will allow the young saplings better access to light and nutrients, so they will regrow faster.
The total load came to about two cords–two 16 foot trailer loads, hauled behind the tractor, each with about half small wood and half logs. I need to do some slicing and dicing after tea and dinner–I’m beat and famished now, but sundown comes all too soon and outdoor work cannot wait. Small wood will be chopped into kindling for the cook stove, and big stuff will be split and sliced for the wood stove. I did come across some large buck deer tracks that were laid down about daybreak today, and made mental note for next year’s hunt–though I have already selected the deer I will track down next autumn unless coyotes get it first. All’s well in the Hollow; or at least I am starting feel like I am at least keeping pace with the winter work. When the dark of January comes, though, it’s time to resume writing.
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