In Perspective

wolf endangeredThis year wolves killed for food several thousand deer of various species and in the doing also ate and controlled millions of mice, voles and other rodents. As usual, wolves killed ZERO humans. They also reduced herbivorous depredation upon wild lands allowing the natural restoration of biodiverse woods and open country.

This year humans killed for food millions of cattle and tens of millions of birds. They poisoned–because they were inconvenient–hundreds of millions of rodents and drove cars over hundreds of thousands of other random animals and people. This year humans carried on wiping out dozens of species, fracked and mined millions of tons of shale and tar sands, dumped thousands of tons of radioactive water into the sea, and also killed hundreds of thousands of humans in wars and murder. Humans also turned millions of acres of woodlands into barren logged cut-overs, strip malls, parking lots and housing developments.

So if politicians are going to delude themselves into justifying wolf hunts for a small minority of hateful hick voters, maybe we should help them put things back into perspective. Politicians need help putting things in perspective. After all, they are not, as a rule, especially bright or moral.

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2 thoughts on “In Perspective

  1. I agree 100%. Wisconsin has idiots in control of this state. Sand mining, hunting Wolves using dogs.
    Corporate powers will continue these terrible acts, all for the mighty dollar.
    Many have forgotten that Mother Earth is a living planet, not a big blue marble floating in space.

  2. I used to do a lot of activism, but a number of years ago I switched to writing and teaching how to immerse with Earth again. Too many are strangers to Gaea. How can they be expected to love and defend what they do not know.

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