The Soul of the Faerie Tale

cailleach kinWhat I love about the Celtic myths is they do not focus upon creation or eschatological accounts. nor upon singular gods or ultimate doctrines–the things that make up the bulk of the modern monolithic religions. Rather, the Celtic myths are diffusive, like a prism breaking up light and casting it out of focus but in an array of dazzling colors. They draw us into another vision, a blurry human/faerie interaction, and compel us merely to witness as mere mortals casting up against a reality full of wonders. Lulling us across time and space, they portray the wonders of Nature alongside its harsh realities; the marvels of old gods and latter diminutive wee folk; the depths of eldritch, dark forests and the bright, more dangerous places where druids and kings vied for power and women so compelling they cast their charms like arrows. The Celtic myths do not seek so much to answer as incite us to ask, though perhaps they suggest the questions. This, I think, is at the heart of their wonder. It is the soul of the faerie tale.

Click the image to watch the wonderful Irish short video: An Cailleach Bhearra.

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2 thoughts on “The Soul of the Faerie Tale

  1. It is the soul of the faerie tale.

  2. David of Burkwood

    I’ve always remembered something c.s. lewis said about writing of beauty. He said, don’t tell me, show me. Don’t just tell me it’s beautiful, describe it, and let me decide.

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