The Seed of Alienation

earth spirit

Cities doubtless had their start thousands upon thousands of years ago as places of protection and market centers. Soon, they catered to those who desired above all to acquire ever more, and then to those who saw them as avenues to that most loathsome of things: power. As they grew over time, urban apologists have declared them places of culture and learning, but they have also invariably been vacuums that destroyed the land round about them, and sources of greed, of waste, of vice and perhaps, most detrimentally, media by which humans were alienated from the land that kept their spirits–so easily led astray–tuned to the sacred and in harmony with the Great Spirit, by whatever name the numinous is known. The city became the route to ease, and then it became the cage with invisible bars, and now we find ourselves in an era rife with persons sick with Nature-alienation, who do not understand even what they think they understand, who take from and destroy the sacred Earth with cold callousness, who kill with glee, and even most of those who yet remember and love the Sacred Earth barely understand the gasping green wonder they cling to.
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