White Tail Trails

The white tail deer's trail is marked by a red line.

The white tail deer’s trail is marked by a red line.

In lush country such as this, a deer will take a territory of about a square mile, however, that tends to be roughly a quarter mile wide by several miles long, and it varies depending on food sources, water, cover and the variations in the terrain.  But white tail deer follow the same paths over and over as they range browsing through their territory.  This allows them to know countless secret ways to escape their many predators.  In the ferns, I can clearly see a well used white tail trail.  Because these things do not show up well in photography, I have marked it for you.  Whether you are a hunter or wildlife observer, if you find a trail and wait long enough, you will eventually see deer on it again.  Deer range their territory roughly every three days.

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