Wild Cherry Wild Harvest

choke cherriesDaphne, Arielle and I harvested a goodly amount of wild cherries today. They are so thick it goes very fast. I just grab one of the decadent drupes with one hand and swipe the cherries off with my other, holding my fingers like combs and getting a handful with each swipe.  Now Daphne will be making jellies and leather from them till tomorrow, poor girl.  And no sooner will she finish that than I’ll be back with another bunch.  But now, off to the Elfwood to harvest chanterelles and ceps which are up in abundance, too.  Must bring in a few bushels of the new onions, too.

I got more trays for the dehydrator, too. It now holds 15 square feet.  More trays coming in Monday, too, pushing it to 25 square feet, and we’ll need every bit of dehydrator space to have a hope of keeping up with this year’s harvest.

choke cherries 2As promised, here is a photo of wild cherries. These are chokecherries, about twice the size of pin cherries. They have less tannin but are not as tart as pin cherries.  Even the black cherries are exceptional this year, with no gaminess at all to them.  All are good.  They are so prolific this year, I may just throw together a batch of cherry beer.  Today we picked indiscriminately, mixing black, pin and chokecherries as we came across them in great thickets of wild cherry tree clones.

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