“Seasons of the Sacred Earth” Available Sooner Than Expected

For those wanting to get “Seasons of the Sacred Earth” a little sooner than the hardcover release date, the Kindle edition is due for release on August 1, but I have heard reliable rumors from a couple persons who pre-purchased the Kindle edition that there will be an early release on July 27.  Just click on the book cover image and follow the link.
Published by Llewellyn. Available August 2013.

Published by Llewellyn.
Available August 2013.


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3 thoughts on ““Seasons of the Sacred Earth” Available Sooner Than Expected

  1. Penny Hunter

    My copy arrived to day from The Book Depository. I have just been reading the introduction and was surprised by your comments on UK Druids not being in touch with the land. Goodness knows what sort of Druids you were in contact with as I can assure you Druids are def out there in the elements, planting trees, camping and trying to live responsibly with nature. Check out the website: http://www.druidry.org/
    Meanwhile I am loving the book!

    • Hello Penny. I’m glad you are enjoying Seasons. I’m also glad to hear that you’ve had greener experiences. I imagine that like many things, especially in pagan circles where there are so many variations, there are groups with different degrees of engagement. The group I referenced was at that time one of the larger druid groups in the UK, but that was years ago and the mailing list is barely active anymore. Perhaps the group has moved on. Perhaps they are even participating in some of that tree planting and woodscraft you mentioned and so have effected their own growth even as they work to heal the world. That would be wonderful . . .

  2. Penny Hunter

    Druids did cause amusement here years ago, indeed the Welsh lot in their robes writing poetry who include the last Archbishop of Canterbury are a long way removed from the guys the Romans met. The likes of Ross Nichols, Emma Restall Orr and Philip Carr Gomm have done a great deal to bring people back to the Old Ways and to living in harmony with nature alongside natural magicians like Marian Green. There will always be those who don’t participate and just like to read about it! I’ve met plenty of urban Wiccans who don’t one end of a plant from another! Always hope.

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