The Truth About Biomass Fuel

Clearcutting in Vermont to feed one of their new "green" biomass generators.

Clearcutting in Vermont to feed one of their new “green” biomass generators. Click on the image to learn more about it.

Biomass power generators: the delusion you can strip the land of foliage forever, the very foliage which through natural decay returns nutrient to the soil for stable future growth, and burn it to power your video games and cell phones.

As Nova Scotia celebrates its first biomass power generator, and the NDP government continues to promote the delusion this is a “green” energy source, I want to point out some facts:

1. Contributes to global warming and particulate pollution if directly burned.
2. An expensive energy source, both in terms of producing the biomass and converting it to alcohols
3. On a small scale there is most likely a net loss of energy–energy must be put in to grow the plant mass.
4. If taken from wild lands, it absolutely, positively will remove the nutrient mass necessary to create stable ecosystems and mature prairie, meadow and forest ecozones.
5. If biomass is drawn from agricultural lands, synthetic fertilizers must be put into the soil, meaning strip mines and processing plants and costing so much energy it virtually negates the gain from biomass energy power plants.
6. Using agricultural land for biomass fuel WILL drive up food prices and reduce the quality of foods available.

Don’t buy the lie. Biomass is the opposite of “green” energy.

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