It’s Great Peak Oil Is Here

peak oilMany people are angry about the escalating prices of oil. I am heartened by it, and hope it continues to skyrocket. You see, humans have proven historically that–as a whole–they will do whatever gives them what they want for the least effort, and damn the consequences. So, we entered peak oil some years ago. The world’s primary resources of oil–shallow water and land-based wells–are about tapped out. We can make gas through the biofuel method, but that is very expensive and is a lose-lose situation as it consumes vast quantities of food. A 20 acre field of grain converted to biofuel wouldn’t power America for 10 seconds. And the land it was grown on wouldn’t sustain the production year after year. So, mostly now we get fuel from deep sea sites which is enormously dangerous to very sensitive ecosystems, and we get it from fracking shale and filthy tar sands which pollutes vast quantities of pure water with carcinogenic chemicals. All these methods are costly, hence the high gas prices today, and they are grossly toxic to the environment.

We are in peak oil; the world is out of gas. Given the amount of carbon pollution that is in the atmosphere that everyone is choosing to ignore just now (the highest in millions of years), I am glad that we are out. It will force us to revise how we live and come again to know what our ancestors knew–a day’s travel was 20 miles at sustainable methods. Maybe that will bring about some reason and balance–a concept none too popular in this *I want it now!* era of global self-entitlement.

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