The Riddle of “Enough”

A rainy forest brings peace, music and deep contemplation.

A rainy forest brings peace, music and deep contemplation.

Back from another day of wild food foraging in the forest. I found the grand cache of ostrich ferns and filled sacks, which Daphne is now blanching and freezing. That will supplement our asparagus nicely while our snow peas and Swiss chard grow in the gardens. The forest never lets us do without.

But what came to mind is while I was foraging through the ostrich ferns, I hit a point where something inside me said, “That’s enough.” Two words. Two implicitly simple words that seem so very lost in the contemporary mindset. I could have filled sacks and sacks with the delectable fiddleheads. I could have filled so many bags by sundown that we could have had them twice a day for a year, till they were coming out of our ears. But my goal was to harvest only enough to see us through till our garden greens and other wild greens began to emerge in earnest, with maybe a little surplus to enjoy now and then next winter.

So came a moment when it was enough. Leave the rest to the wildlife, to the land spirits, and plenty and to spare to ensure the fern patch remains strong and vigorous for next year.

In this modern world, we barely seem to be able to wrap our minds around that simple concept–“enough!” We want, and we expect to have. So we rob one another. We tear from the sacred land. We push beyond the limits of reason and pat ourselves on the back and call it ambition. But this is not Nature’s Way. It will never be the Way of Nature. There can be no harmony, no real care for the environment, without the acceptance of that simple fact–“enough”.

Indeed, there can be no real peace with ourselves unless we learn to recognize just when is “enough”. Understanding that concept allows us to supersede the base impetus of unbridled ambition and go to some spiritual place far better: contentment.

O, humans, just when is it *enough*?

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One thought on “The Riddle of “Enough”

  1. You are a true ally of Mother Earth,your wisdom and words will reach many. She honors you, as you her. Sounds like you were in one of her power spots. blessings.

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