Farmed & Dangerous

What’s really going on with the CFIA’s attack on Montana’s little sheep farm.

Not long ago, agents of the Canadian Food Inspection Agency descended on the farm of Montana Jones and informed her they had very slight and harebrained cause to believe her sheep may long ago have been exposed to a wasting disease that affects only sheep.  Despite that said exposure would have happened many years before and symptoms would have long since shown up, and none of her sheep showed any sign of the illness, they wanted to “test” them.  “Testing” would require killing her entire beloved flock of rare Shropshire sheep.  They would kill them all, sheep she had tenderly raised for decades, and dump the carcasses in a mass grave they dug in the very meadow where she raised them.  And they offered her no compensation for this rigid act of idiocy.  The CFIA’s actions have been criticized by veterinarians (including their own veterinarian), organic food activists, sheep breeders, and everyday people from all walks of life, from experts to laypersons.  But in true bureaucratic form, the CFIA has denied any wrong-doing and continued to harass Montana via legal routes.

I have consulted for enough persons with enough bureaucracies in my work over the years to realize that some are, above all, invested in self-promotion–increasing their sense of authority, their sense of self-righteousness, and their perception of legitimacy.  Sadly, some of those bureaucracies become deeply influenced by corporate backers.  And I cannot help but believe that this case is an example: the actions of the CFIA in this instance are powerfully influenced by corporate farm interests wanting to present organic and free-range farming as undesirable.

Please watch this video, be offended, and do something.  Donate to the fund to help Montana Jones save her farm and carry on her fight in the courts.  Let’s send a powerful message that we won’t tolerate this anymore!

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One thought on “Farmed & Dangerous

  1. A couple of months ago, a goat I had rescued years earlier died from suspected Johne’s disease, (also a wasting disease). All the others are fine.
    I had to call out a vet. He commented that my goats were not registered (all rescue goats, and I don’t sell milk etc.), and then recommended, unofficially, that I keep them unregistered.
    Bureaucrats sit in their urban offices making callous and inane decisions, with sociopathic ease, because a) It’s not them. They are ‘just doing my job’. And b) It’s not real. What is real is how good it would be to get that new car or that new pair of shoes.
    The countryside isn’t real. Processed food from the supermarket is real.
    Farmers (certainly here in France) are a tiny percentage of the electorate, whilst city dwellers are the majority. So for politicians, there is no point actually listening to us ‘peasants’. The maths doesn’t add up. And petty ‘jobsworth’ bureaucrats don’t ask questions, they don’t listen to experts, and they certainly don’t ‘do’ compassion.
    I guess Herod had bureaucrats to go round slaughtering all those babies…and Hitler used bureaucrats to register Jews…
    Bureaucratic denial of responsibility lies behind countless atrocities, from genocide to this poor woman and her poor, innocent sheep. 😦

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