Organic Weed & Pest Control

Three robins eat undesired grubs from our garden soil--Nature's pest control!

Three robins eat undesired grubs from our garden soil–Nature’s pest control!

DuPont and Monsanto would have you believe you need to saturate your precious soil with toxic waste to control weeds and pests.  Our farm is living proof this is not only not the case, but responsible organic, non-GMO methods of permaculture done in harmony and respect for Earth can provide far superior yields.  Every year, from gardens under an acre (including the fruit trees), we derive 90% of the food we need for our family of four.

In this image, you see two integral parts of our organic pest and weed control.  To control weeds, we turn the soil three times.  Once soon as the ground thaws.  This promotes the germination of annual weed seeds while wrecking perennial weed roots.  Then I till it about two weeks later.  This wrecks any re-growth of perennial weeds and kills newly germinated annual weed seeds.  Then I do a third tilling just before planting, which further weakens all the weeds.  Then we close-plant our crops in deep beds which has the effect of choking out any surviving weeds, and by the time our crops germinate, the weeds are so weakened by the three tillings they cannot compete with our cultivated plants.

Along with our efforts, each time the earth is tilled, wild and domestic birds, mammals, snakes and frogs converge on the turned ground and hunt up all the unwanted grubs and insects.  By the time we finally make beds and plant, the pest insects have largely been eradicated through Nature’s little helpers.

This is what I mean when I refer to cultivating in harmony with the land.

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