Dandelion Bounty!!!

Collecting dandelion flowers for winemakingdandelion forestDandelion season is here! Don’t let them go to waste!  This is one of Nature’s friendliest plants, with limitless uses.  We love our dandelions. The leaves make superb salad, as long as you harvest them before they blossom. The blossoms make great wine when fresh, bright and yellow, and sometimes we batter them, fry them with a pinch of salt till they are golden brown, and they taste like oysters. Arielle is collecting them right now for the roots.  She will clean them, grind them and make from them dandelion coffee.dandelion wine carboy

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2 thoughts on “Dandelion Bounty!!!

  1. I learn a lot from you every day!

  2. Thank you. They are incredibly useful, dandelions, and I always thought they were pretty, too. I could never understand why people were set dead set on eradicating them from their yards. But they are good for all kinds of tasty recipes.

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