A Conference of Garters

april garter snakeNatalia and I came across a whole conference of garter snakes yesterday. basking in the sun and a couple even wrapping around one another.  They were in the clearing just above Grandfather Apple, and are a welcome addition to the ecology of the Hollow, for they eat innumerable slugs, insects and mice.
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2 thoughts on “A Conference of Garters

  1. Green Greetings, Such a wonderful sight, a ball of snakes. They gather every Spring for their mating ritual. In our area we have many of these snakes, but have not seen this gathering. We also have Smooth Green Snakes. They are beautiful and very passive. One of our cats, Sprite brought one home last Spring, thank goodness he did no harm to this wonderful snake. They are protected in our area and rare. Many Blessings Garden Sprite.

  2. Hi Pam! Garters are common here. Gentle snakes with no venom, but they will bite if you pick them up. It’s more surprising than painful, though and they settle down quickly. Sadly, we spooked the group yesterday. We were almost on top of them before we noticed them and they all scattered. I’m sure they will be back though, and they are always welcome around the homestead, along with Nova Scotia’s other snakes.

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