Twa Corbies News & Homestead Report


In today’s top news, Cliff, Arielle and Natalia rolled an 800 lb hay bale into the Highland Meadow. The horses shortly discovered the invading bale, surrounded it, and negotiated its surrender.

In other news, a sunny, warm day marked the end of the snow in the exposed places and Cliff is making plans to till the gardens over the weekend. This is the first of three tillings as the garden soil is prepared with ten tons of manure collected from the barn.

Also, one of the wild rabbits responsible for endangering the fruit trees was sighted and arrested. Daphne is currently researching rabbit recipes.

In other news about Daphne, she made a superb haggis for dinner. Venison liver proved to be the perfect compliment to ground mutton. And her neeps and tatties drizzled with butter were to die for.

And it seems the weather has decided not to drop below freezing after sundown, causing the maple sap flow to decrease to nearly 0. It seems the end of the maple season is nigh and Cliff is finishing off the last batch of syrup now. Cliff laments he had so hoped to make a another full three liters, but Mother Earth and Father Sky had other plans.

And in today’s eco-interest section: Jane Doe–the baby goat the Seruntines brought indoors because she was born during a severe ice storm–is now half the size of a full grown goat and making enough racket in her kennel to drive everyone nuts. The girls are making plans to re-introduce Jane Doe to the barn and meadows this weekend, now that the weather is sufficiently warm.

And in wider reaching news, during a gloaming-hike yesterday, Cliff sighted territorial marks of a family of coyotes that have long resided nearby, and a new addition to the mountaintop’s ecology: spoor of a red fox. And Cliff sneaked up on an American Woodcock but it spotted Cliff and flew away before he could take a picture.

<Now, come on, don’t you wish the news was really more like this??? Less hate and war. More love and emphasis on the things that really matter.>>

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