Discover a Greener Enchantment In the Sacred Earth

Published by Llewellyn.Available August 2013.

Published by Llewellyn.
Available August 2013.

What happens when one small family commits to living close to the land? Gardening delights. Horse fun. Woodland adventures. Shaman insights. And the occasional brush with enchantment.

From Chapter April:

Sidhe Bheg the quarter horse, ever the diva among our three horses, did not deign to roll over the ground, at least not while the two stout Belgians—whom she looked down upon much the way a prim older sister looks down her nose at a muddy, scrape-kneed little brother—were hogging all the bare ground. Arielle called, “Look at Sidhe Bheg’s mane!”

We all glanced toward the brown and white quarter horse. Her mane had been woven into dozens of double and triple strand braids. Daphne walked over to Sidhe Bheg who accepted her pets as if they were only her just due. Daphne stroked the horse’s neck while she examined the braids. She gave the girls an arch side glance and said, “This is fine work. Did either of you do this?” The girls solemnly shook their heads.

Then Natalia spouted: “Faeries braid horse manes!”

*** *** ***

“Seasons of the Sacred Earth”
At bookstores everywhere this August!

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2 thoughts on “Discover a Greener Enchantment In the Sacred Earth

  1. Green Greetings from the wonderful, but soggy state of Wisconsin. I enjoy all of your posts and very much looking forward to reading your books. I grew up on a farmstead that was organic. We raised all of our food. Today we have many gardens and preserve our produce.
    What we can’t raise, we buy from our neighbors.
    Life is good, we lead a simple life.

    • Hello, Pam, and thank you for writing. Life is best when it’s kept simple, isn’t it. I always wonder, whenever I experience a bit of the modern human world, why people feel so obligated to tie themselves up so entirely in so much pointless, painful complexity.

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