Organic Gardening Contributes To the Earth

more in a garden growsIn a field of Monsanto soy or corn, if you take a pinch of dirt–any pinch–you will find gray-red soil with virtually no life. It smells empty, of mineral and grit and chemical, and little more. You will find only root fibers, pesticides, herbicides and the odd microbe that got missed.

If you walk into an organic field and take a pinch of soil from anywhere, you will find something entirely different. The earth will be rich and black, crumbly to the touch and smelling slightly sweet–a desirable condition gardener’s call “friable”. You will find a depth of life, a wealth of insects, birds, small mammals, reptiles and more. Take a pinch of soil anywhere and look at it under a microscope–the difference is like that of the moon to our green Earth. A single grain of soil from an organic field will literally team with life–tens upon tens of thousands of beneficial microbes: bacteria, protozoa, and mycelia. An entire ecology of life that fixes nitrogen and makes minerals accessible to the roots of the plants that share the soil.

The difference between a Monsanto field and an organic field is the the latter  is alive.  And all that life is essential to the crop’s very health as well as its nutritional quality.  All that teaming life allows plants to grow without need of pesticides and herbicides.  A Monsanto field only takes, and then takes, and then takes some more.  Such cultivation can only deplete the land, but an organic field not only yields the bounty of food, it contributes to the health of Earth and is far better for those who consume it.

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  1. Lord, what fools these mortals be.

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