Ecology & the Old Ways

nature incarnateHow can one aspire to follow the old gods and not likewise be an environmentalist? Nature and the Old Ways are so intrinsically linked as to be inseparable.
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2 thoughts on “Ecology & the Old Ways

  1. I disagree. It’s perfectly possible to find the sacred in the bonds between people; the pre-Christian Pagan civilizations did it all the time, and could hardly be called “environmentalist” in the modern sense of the term. See, which I coincidentally posted just yesterday on this very subject.

  2. The pre-Christian civilizations did not have to be environmentalist as they were not actively engaged in destroying their environments. But there is a sacred bond between folk and their clan, and as much, there was a sacred bond between folk and the land. Without a healthy land, there is no healthy people. Yet I am no fan of “global” civilization. All it has done is really distance everyone from everyone. It seems odd you should disagree, though, when even your own website affirms the need for Nature upon the old paths. The Old Ways are indeed closely tied to Nature, and good luck proving otherwise. And those that aren’t–such as paternalistic conquering and war religions–are probably the very type of later-occurring thinking that led us into the global environmental catastrophic mess we are now in.

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