A Little Oil On Your Salad?

A fossil fuel fertilizer plant in the U.K.

A fossil fuel fertilizer plant in the U.K.

Did you know your grocery is fossil fueled? I don’t just mean the fuel used by the trucks and trains to get the food to your market. The fertilizers used by industrial agriculturists are made from petroleum. And the feed enhancers for industrial livestock producers are also made from petroleum-based enhancers. You see, while Monsanto and other GMO companies tell us their new plants and animals are more productive, that additional productivity cannot be driven by natural sources of sun, soil and water–it is too energy intensive. Supporting it requires further dependence upon fossil fuels. For example, some forms of GMO wheat produce so much grain per stalk that the soil must be enriched with high energy fossil-fuel-based fertilizers or the plant would starve. After all, grain is stored energy, and that energy has to come from somewhere. It comes, quite literally, from fossil fuel. And it brings byproducts of pollution in the extraction, in the making, and even after its used as it burns soil and sterilizes the land of most of its natural life and kills brooks and streams. So, whether you are an omnivore or a devout vegetarian, it really makes no difference. Unless you resist these unhealthy, unnatural ways of producing food and join the fight for living in balance with Earth’s ecology, in the end even the very food we consume in the 21st century is artificial and antithetical to Nature.

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