Stark Wildwood Dawn

Winter apples of the wildwood.

Winter apples of the wildwood.

Dawn, the day after Yule, brought cold rain, but not before bringing bright splashes of vivid color–winter apples contrasted against the stark wintry wood.  One would have to close one’s eyes and shut the imagination into a tiny box and stow it among the deepest cobwebbed recesses of the psyche not to perceive the magic of the forest in light of such beauty.

Enchantment: It is everywhere.  It only requires you pull away from the distractions of the mortal world, clear your mind and see!  And when you see, it is like eating faerie food.  Thereafter, nothing else is ever good enough.  It is the blessing and curse of enchantment.  Once in the heart, it always calls with something more marvelous than the day-to-day.  It is at the heart of shimmering dreams and childhood wonder.  And it is always accessible, to those who dare step away and look.

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