Fuarag & Our Samhain Bonfire

Fuarag (pronounced FOU*rak <the “ou” as in “cow”>) is a traditional Samhain (Halloween) dish/beverage of the “auld Scots”. It is rarely consumed anymore in Scotland except in a few of the remoter islands and northern regions. It is still a traditional Samhain dish/beverage in Nova Scotia (New Scotland) where Scots Gaels are the predominant settlers, especially in the remote southwest and northeast regions of the province.

I describe it as a dish/beverage because the consistency depends on the local preference for its making. Some make it like a thin drink: a lot of Scotch and cream with some oats and honey. Some (like us) use less Scotch and whip the cream so it attains a custardlike consistency and go heavier on the honey. You will find the history and full instructions on the making of fuarag in my newest book, Seasons of the Sacred Earth (available at bookstores everywhere in spring), and we will serve fuarag to guests at our traditional Samhain Bonfire on Saturday, October 27 at Twa Corbies Hollow. If interested in participating, email me.
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