Why A Green Life?

I am occasionally questioned how it is I can love animals yet eat livestock or hunt wildlife.  Or how can I advocate conservation yet harvest wild foods and medicinal herbs.  How can I advocate peace with the Green World yet dwell in here in this forest, one more human to disturb a wild place? And yet there is a method to my madness.  It is not to use; it is to “live with”.  I have always said the purpose of the Hollow is to teach people they can live green while living well. What I is do is my love, my passion and also my mission. I aim to find ways to live gently with the green world and her many creatures and spirits.  I teach others the skills of woodscraft, from tracking and primitive hunting to permaculture and shamanry in order to inspire them to live well with Earth. In my heart I am an arch environmentalist.  Always have been.  But long ago some environmentalists began to recognize that we were losing ground.  With humankind’s ever increasing infatuation with industrialization and the constant stimuli of urbanization, I have realized through my work that so many people don’t value the Green World simply because they cannot even remember what they have lost.  My life’s work is to help them remember.  People only safeguard that which they love.

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