Late Harvest

The last of the corn is finally ripe. You might think, *Oh good! You’re almost done!* But nooo. That means harvesting this weekend about 200 ears of corn.  Yet before I do that I have to cut away and harvest thick growths of vining pole beans I planted among the corn to feed the stalks and anchor them down against the late season winds we get atop this mountain. But I harvested 8 ears earlier to test them and the ears were beautiful. We’ll have them for dinner tonight. Over the weekend I’ll harvest all about a few, and those left on the stalks will be offerings to the land spirits.

The girls are headed out to the gardens now. Their mission? Harvest all the tomatoes that have turned color and the next round of purple bush beans. And yesterday I got a load of broad beans for tonight’s dinner–broadbeans with bacon, fresh bread and goat cheese that tastes like fresh cheese curds.

While we are making good progress on the harvest, it is far from over. This very weekend starts the wild apple harvest and the harvest of wild blueberries and elderberries continues. And I must select where I will hunt deer for this autumn. At least I have my firewood selected: a thicket of dead trees that have seasoned standing. They’re across a brook, but thank goodness for my faithful horse, Aval, to help me haul them out. I can take those without guilt. They need to be removed from the forest.

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