Things to Bring Peace

I’ve been fortunate in that no matter what is going on, I can always find peace.  Even in times like this, when the harvest is pouring in and Daphne and I are working night and day to process and store it in jars and the root cellar while keeping up with the homestead’s innumerable other tasks, such as fence care, milking goats and tending the forest that surrounds us, and it seems that there is more work than there are hours in the day, peace is attainable. A few minutes with my fiddle or on the range with my longbow always sets my mind at ease.  Or throwing a stick to my faithful Australian Shepherd, Willowisp.  Or I might sneak away on my horse, Aval, for a bit and go for a trot across the ridges of the highlands.  The best magic is slipping into the forest, to disappear among the innumerable shadows of whispering trees, eating berries and meandering along brooks, sharing secrets with the spirits.  Peace is always nearby, and in its wake is clarity and focus. Always have a way to find peace. It is the difference between balance and mayhem.

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One thought on “Things to Bring Peace

  1. David of Burkwood

    “No storm can shake my inmost calm.”

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