Elderberry Night

As the sun set I summed up the day by pruning a spruce back heavily. Now the young domestic elderberry shrub that was starving for sunshine beside it will be able to catch a lot more light. The neighboring elderberry is nine feet tall and covered in dozens of clusters of mature blossoms, soon to become berries for this year’s jams. The wild elderberries of the forest, though, are leading the pack and in the little cluster three miles away they are just now fruiting out. I seem to have upset a bumblebee hive in the pruning, though. They were everywhere, buzzing up a fuss. But they must be a gentle variety–they had no interest in stinging me. I hope I didn’t damage their hive too badly. It’s always good having a family of bumblebees around the gardens. Meanwhile, the girls milked the goats and Daphne harvested fresh, ripe raspberries which are coming in daily in great abundance now that we’ve reached high summer. And the forest is rich with bramble fruits of every variety. There is so much goodness in the wild world, more than we can find time to gather.

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