On Nature, green living and the art of finding enchantment . . .

One does not choose to live on a homestead because the life is easy. The hard, constant work soon does away with that myth. Nor does one live upon a homestead because it is a fad. Chores like mucking out chicken coops quickly dispels a fad’s charm. One lives this way for many reasons.  It is good for Earth.  It is good for the soul.  The quiet of the countryside is dear.  The night time songs of coyotes and owls is achingly sweet.  The satisfaction of seeing land loved and tended yield ones livelihood is a primal reward.  It allows one to draw so very close to Nature and her many wondrous spirits. Any of these reasons is good in itself, and together they are an ambrosia for the mind and body.

For years I’ve been journalling about the magic and spirit of Nature, and on our lives at our remote homestead, Twa Corbies Hollow, on Facebook.  Now get weekly updates on our adventures dwelling in harmony with Mother Earth, Father Sky and the ensconcing enchanted forest right here.  We’ll share tales of our successes and challenges, our gardens and orchards, our lovely horses and other animal friends, and the adventure of dwelling deep in the wildwood.  And in the doing maybe we can impart a little of the magic of lives lived in harmony with Mother Earth and Father Sky.

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