Ottawa & the Ultra-Right’s War Against Science

You should really read this article, by Tom Harris, executive director of the International Climate Science Coalition (sounds very sciency, doesn’t it?)

I’ll just quote Tommy: “Was it “Titanic” that made [DiCaprio] an expert? Leonardo DiCaprio speaks at the State Department’s “Our Ocean” conference earlier this year.”

Now here’s the funny part: Tommy is nothing but a mechanical engineer–not a climate scientist. In fact, not a scientist at all.

Here’s the funnier part. The ICSC “calls itself ‘a non-partisan group of independent scientists’, but has been described as having ‘less to do with science than with public relations’.  <Wikipedia>

The ICSC is in fact run by the High Park Group, a right wing lobbying firm.

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Ignorance is when you just don’t know something. Stupid is when you don’t want to know something. Evil is when you act willfully and with only self-interest against the right thing. The first can be cured with education. The second and last have no cure.

earth mother resist 2

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Changes In the Works

For those folks who follow my websites, I have decided to shut down the Twa Corbies Bushcraft site. Not that I am going to stop teaching woodscraft skills–anything but. But I just don’t have time to manage two websites. All the articlesat TCB will be moved to my main site: That way they are all in a single, convenient location where you can learn about upcomiong classes, homestead activities and skills, events, and my forthcoming books and articles. The site is also closely tied to Daphne’s Wildwood Bounty website, where you can follow Daphne’s daily projects from cheesemaking to canning to goat milking and more.

Also, my primary site has just gotten too large. I have written so many articles and contributions for publication over the years, there is no room to cite them all in the section on my professional writing as it currently stands. Also, there are too many articles written for the website to easily find. Additionally, a shaman in the Mojave desert who has spent his life living by and for the land has offered to allow me to put many of his articles on my site in the section on Earth-based spirituality. Much more will be coming on natural science as well as my work in environmental advocacy. So, the site is going to be reorganized to make it easier to find articles by topic.

Follow the site and keep abreast.  Good things are coming!

Addendum: Updates completed.

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Today’s Harvest

harvest 12 09 14Some of today’s harvest: heaps o’ sweet corn, pumpkins, winter squash, zucchini, red and green Swiss chard, kohlrabi, purple beans, snow peas, and the last of the Irish potatoes. We’ve reached the point where we need the tractor to haul it all back. Soon, we’ll need the trailer.
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Corn Harvest Begins

sidhe bheg and cornCorn harvest has begun at last! I always love the corn harvest, how it feels like one is lost in a jungle of green between the tall rows. It, like the pumpkin harvest, feels like Halloween . . .

I have not finished harvesting one row yet, but already filled a tractor bucket. We had fresh corn on the cob with butter for lunch, and will again for dinner! Fried free-range chicken, garden fresh fried potatoes and steamed snow peas under the stars tonight, with the last bottle of apple scrumpy chilled just right, and apple pie for dessert.

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Tasty Albino Leccinums

albino leccinumI have been finding more and more of these mushrooms, which–unable to identify the exact species–I have dubbed albino leccinums. These are clearly of the genus leccinum, and all leccinums are edible except those with orange caps. They are clearly mycorrhizal with white and red spruce, and I tend to find them in the shade of dense copses of spruce a day or three after a bit of rain. They stay good a long time, unless vermin find them first. This one is untouched by vermin. These have a nice meaty texture and a flavor like a fine cep. This one weighs about six ounces. It’ll go great in tonight’s pasta sauce.

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The Husqvarna Hatchet–Incredible Quality and a Bargain!

husqvarna hatchetI am using the lull between book projects to try to update articles and status posts on my website.  A new review of the Husqvarna hatchet, as well as tips on how to carry a hatchet comfortably and effectively, is now available.  Just click the photo.

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Escaping a While . . .

canoeingIt has been an incredibly busy two weeks. Finding time to treat a goat with pneumonia, harvest 60 lbs of elderberries, continue the dramatic harvest from the gardens, and all the other homestead tasks while at the same time entirely copy editing “The Wildwood Way” according to my editor’s notes. Many, many long nights and very, very early mornings. But I do believe I have accomplished every last task on the book . . . at least until the next phase as the manuscript is prepped for publication. Now I eagerly await Friday, for come hell or high water I am getting out on some high water with my canoe. I need a campfire, and the familiar rhythm of the paddle. I’m off to the Whispering Lake . . .

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“The Wildwood Way” Update

I have been slow to add posts and articles to this website for a couple months now, and for that I do apologize.  I’ve always had a goal of an article and several posts per month, but there is a good reason for the recent relative silence.  Last month my editor confirmed my new book, “The Wildwood Way”, was going to press in 2015, and so I have been deeply engrossed in working with her and the rest of the publishing house team to prepare the final manuscript.

On top of that, I have completed a new novel and now must find an agent to represent it.  (Listen up, literary agents: I have now written four major books and contributed to several others, as well as a whole host of articles for anthologies, magazines and such.  So if you are on the lookout for a new, up and coming writer . . .)

And I had a publishing house ask if I would consider writing books on bushcraft, homesteading and self-sufficient living for them, which is very tempting.

So, busy, busy, busy!  But in a good way.  But as soon as I have completed the current copy editing project, I shall create a couple new articles for my site.  Keep watching!

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Please Take a Moment to Vote for Me In the Solo Stove Photo Contest

Hey folks and readers! For a couple years now I have owned the Solo Stove, a tiny camp wood stove that I have found to be environmentally friendly and immensely useful on our north woods trips. So today I entered a scene of our simple camp kitchen, which we called the Green Man’s Kitchen, in the Solo Stove photography contest. I would sure appreciate it if you could drop by, take a look around, and give my photo a vote if you like it best.  Just click on the image to see my photo:
green mans kitchen zoomed

Gathering for dinner at the Green Man’s Kitchen, deep in the Canadian north woods with my basic gear and my daughter.

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Kingdom of the Fungi

kingdom of the fungiFor all you folks who have been emailing me with mushroom questions: I found this book recently. I bought a copy on the spot. And I have to say, this book is a treasure trove for both novice and expert mycophiles! It contains a huge amount of information about the life cycles and identification of mushrooms, but more significantly, it has hundreds if not thousands of excellently executed full color photos of those mushrooms. I own dozens of mushroom books and some, like “Mushrooms Demystified”, contain extraordinary details of information. But they tend to lack enough photos to allow the reader to really build a mental picture. This book, “Kingdom of the Fungi”, is gloriously illustrated as well as chock full of essential information. It’s hard cover. And for a mere $30, you absolutely cannot go wrong.

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